Who Uses Live Answering Services?

As the workforce continues to evolve, productivity tools are now more important than ever. Enter Live Business Answering Services. Many attorneys, financial consultants, sales professionals, insurance agents, and even those in the construction industry are finding live answering to be critical to their business. Bottom line: businesses need to answer their phones!

Live phone answering is a way to set your business up for success and establish a local business presence that is stronger than fielding calls from your cell phone.

  • Never miss a call during business hours.
  • Leverage a business phone line (in any area code) to reinforce your local presence on top of the business address.
  • Increase your productivity when your calls are announced, so you have a few seconds to collect your thoughts and prepare for a conversation with a current client or prospect.

Key types of people who use business answering services

The first type of user is anyone who wants to project a strong local image. Having a local phone number with live answering services allows you to suggest proximity. Live receptionists transfer calls, take messages, and can provide answers to frequently asked questions. No more missed calls because you couldn’t get to the phone, and you no longer have to worry about visitors leaving your website after unsuccessfully trying to connect with a human to answer their questions.

The second type of user is anyone whose business relies on customer inquiries via phone calls. For instance, many attorneys cannot afford to miss a call as their future clients have questions they want to ask before retaining them. Consultants, sales representatives, and support technicians should also consistently be available for callers. Good customer care requires a quick response. Having a live answering service also ensures that important calls are not lost and help capture precious caller contact information.

The third type of user is anyone who needs to better leverage their time during business hours. Having someone to screen and announce calls saves a user time and increases productivity. For example, event planners, financial consultants, and insurance agents are avid users of business answering services due to the demands of their jobs. Attorneys and business consultants in particular, appreciate the screening and announcing features of live phone answering, giving them the few seconds they need to gather their thoughts, recollect a case or project, and make their client feel like they are the most important person in their practice!

Attorneys and Live Answering Services | CloudAnswering

Going beyond a virtual business address to establish your business

We see many remote and work-from-home (WFH) professionals leveraging Virtual Office Plans that include a business address and mail services, which is fantastic, but the combination of a real business address with a local phone number is ultimately the best solution when trying to project a stronger business presence. When visitors are on your website, or looking at your business profile via a local listing such as Google My Business, once they click that “call button,” they expect to see a phone number with an area code that matches your business address. Listing your cell phone number on your website can project the wrong image, and worse, if a future client calls your number and gets voicemail, who knows if they will even bother to leave a message. According to TalkRoute.com85% of callers who go to voice mail don’t even bother leaving a message, and the odds aren’t good that they’re going to call again. They will simply move-on to the competition.

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You may not think you need it at first, but there are always opportunities to test drive Live Business Answering Services. Ask about our 1 Month Free Test Drive Special Offer and put Live Answering Services to the test!