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Affordable Live Answering Solutions

Our services are focused on business calls (not supporting medical calls or other non-core activities such as bilingual calls). This enables us to be extremely efficient and offer easy and affordable call answering solutions. While other providers charge by the minute making it difficult to determine what you’ll pay each month, we offer one fixed monthly charge so you can streamline your business costs.

U.S. Based Live Answering by Real Humans!

Our call centers are based in Sacramento, California and Reno, Nevada. Our team of friendly receptionists (not bots) are here to support your business by answering your calls with your company name and transferring callers to you in real-time.

Business Phone Answering by Real Humans | CloudAnswering
CloudAnswering Virtual Receptionists and Phone Answering Coast to Coast

Coast-to-Coast Live Answering

Does your business operate on Eastern Time? We’ve got you covered with our extended live answering services from 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Customize Your Greeting

You tell us how you want your calls answered. We are an extension of your business and can greet callers with your company name or preferred customized greeting.

CloudAnswering Virtual Receptionists and Phone Answering Customize Your Greeting
CloudAnswering Virtual Receptionists and Phone Answering Customize Your Business Line

Customize Your Business Phone Number

Choose any area code for your main business line, including 800 numbers (subject to availability). Voicemail messages are delivered via email as an audio file. Already have a phone number you want to keep? Ask about our portable phone number capabilities.

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